Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Accounting Services

Examination of Completeness of the Preliminary Documents Presented by You and Their Compliance with Tax Requirements;

Consultations in connection with drawing up/organization of preliminary documents and other current issues;

Registration of preliminary documents in our accounting program;

Drawing up tax statements and their submission to Tax Inspection;

Calculation of the taxes to be paid by Client and Client notification;

Relations with the Tax Inspection personnel in the period of office and scheduled tax audits (revisions) connection with Client’s accounting and tax issues;

Protection of Client’s interests and preparation/presentation of the information set forth by the audit regulations;

Protection of Client’s interests before third persons in connection with accounting/tax issues;

Delivery of standard extracts and turnover registers;

Other services that are necessary for accounting as per the standards applicable in Georgia and the legislation in effect;

Depending on the Client’s requirements, we can prepare and submit financial reports of different complexity, including preparation and submission of specific financial reports required for banks (confirmation of credits/required for monitoring purposes);

Our accounting services enable our Clients concentrate only on the main activities performed by the company and not spend their time on resolution of accounting and taxation problems or on communicating with representatives of the controlling bodies.

advantages of our accounting services:

In delivering our accounting services we use the technology developed by us which is based upon the rich experience and gives consideration to the demands and specifics of the Georgian market;

Our accounting services are performed according to your order and can take place in your or in our office – this enables us pay more attention to the work we are going to perform and when and as required, get our audit and consultation offices involved in resolution of the issues arisen in the course of the process;

Periodically we conduct internal audits of accounting records, which is performed by the dedicated strong team of our Audit Office;

We ensure that our Clients are free from all the difficulties related to searching the required human resources (accountants and their assistants) and/or replacing the existing human resources with new ones;

Our company possesses a powerful expensive material and technical basis and relevantly, Clients do not need to bear any accounting-related capital expenses;

All the business relations of Clients with the relevant official instances are carried out by our company.

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